One of the most beautiful
cities in the world


From HI ROOM we give you the possibility to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Granada, a monumental city, full of history and legends, very charming and wonderful.

The best way to visit Granada is on foot, but you can also use city buses or tourist buses and trains. Click on the following link for more information about these:

HI ROOM is located in the center of the city just 6 minutes walk from the Cathedral, where you can enjoy a pleasant neighborhood that offers everything you may need in your everyday life.

It also stands out for its well-known tapas culture, which attracts as many tourists as its best monuments. Enjoy a plate of free food with each drink at each bar.

There are many tapas bars in Granada. Here are some recommendations: Los Manueles, Tocateja, Cunini, La Tana, El Asador de Castilla, Tinta Fina, El Deseo, Torcuato…

Recommended visits:


It is the most visited monument in Spain and one of the most beautiful in the world. Do not forget to book your ticket in advance, you can do it in the link bellow. You can also go early in the morning and try to get one of the 1,000 tickets sold directly at the ticket office every day.


It is said that this is the most beautiful street in the world. This route separates the two most important places in Granada: the Alhambra and Albaicín neighborhood.
It has a romantic, ancient and bohemian air marked by the presence of historic buildings such as the convent Convento de Santa Catalina de Zafra, the palace Casa de Castril or the Arab Baths. Of course, always in the shadow of the impressive Alhambra, which you can see throughout the walk.


It is the old Arab neighborhood of Granada. One of the essential things to know the city is to go for a walk through its narrow paving streets. The typical things of this neighborhood include “Los Cármenes”, which are typical houses from Granada located on the hill with views of the Alhambra.
It is recommended to finish the walk through the Albaicín in the viewpoint Mirador de San Nicolás, a magical place with the best views of the Alhambra. The sunsets here are wonderful and very romantic. With any luck you can contemplate the views while you enjoy street shows of flamenco.


It is probably one of the most charming neighborhoods in the city and it is famous for its cave houses. The gypsies who accompanied the troops of the Catholic Monarchs when they conquered the city settled here. Bohemian and flamenco artists later joined them and
they enchant everyone who visits their characteristic shows: the zambras.


It is one of the great cathedrals of the country. Go through its Renaissance facade to discover a beautiful temple dedicated to Santa María de la Encarnación. In addition to visiting the countless chapels, you should visit
the Royal chapel. It is the place where the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs, Joanne the Mad and Philip the Handsome, lie.


It is the ancient dwelling of the Jews of Granada. This neighborhood gives off beauty and elegance. You must start your walk from its main square, Campo del Príncipe, where you can find a large number of tapas bars. You will walk through its maze of steep streets and you can admire the most beautiful monuments such as Casa de los Tiros or Corrala de Santiago.


A unique city where you can have tea in a tearoom in the purest traditional style. You must stop at tearooms street known as Calle de las Teterías, actually Calle de la Calderería Nueva,
and let yourself be seduced by its great environment.
You can find the Alcaicería de Granada very close to the Cathedral.
Here you can walk through several narrow streets full of craft and souvenir stalls.


In addition to the wonders that Granada offers, just 40 minutes from the city, you can spend a day by the sea on its pleasant tropical coast, tasting a delicious fried fish known as “pescaito”. Or you can also enjoy a magnificent day in Sierra Nevada, a Natural Park and its ski resort. In the link bellow you will find all the information about it and you will be able to buy your forfait.


Plan your trip! From HI ROOM we will be happy to help you. Ask for our tour guide, with him, you can organize all kind of plans: city center tours, visits to monuments, tapas routes, countryside excursions… Definitly, a custom plan!

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